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Message from Organising Chairpersons
2012 marks the first Continence Awareness Week to be organised by the Singapore Urological Association. Why urinary incontinence? Well, simply because it affects many people and many do not know what to do about it. There are a lot of misconceptions about the topic and it was alarming to note that 80% of the polled public thought it was just due to aging.

Our campaign kicks off with this website and we hope it will explain that there are many reasons why incontinence occurs and that most of the time it can be cured. We have strived to make the contents simple yet comprehensive and hope that many will find it a useful source of information. We thank our patients who have kindly shared their stories. May they inspire those needing help to seek it.

Dr. Pearllyn Quek
Organising Chairman
Continence Awareness Week 2012


Dr. Ng Tze Kiat
Orgainising Chairman
Continence Awareness Week 2013


Dr Sharon Yeo
Organising Chairman
Continence Awareness Week 2014
Continence Awareness Week 2014 Free Public Forum on 8 Nov 2014

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